Anita Poole First Impressions Personal & Corporate Image Consultant

Anita Poole First Impressions Personal & Corporate Image Consultant
Image, Video & Health Spray Consultant - Colour, Style, Wardrobe, Shopping, Make Up, Weddings, Interviews, Occasions, Etiquette, T.E.N oral Health Sprays, Online Video Communications, Video Conferencing & Webinars, Video Emails & Websites, TV Style Webshows & Broadcasting.

4 January 2014

Why does your Personal Image & Impression matter?

First impressions count! Personal Image, Personal Impact and Personal Impressions matter. In short, your image matters. 

You only get ONE chance to make that vital FIRST Impression.  In fact, statistics show that more than 60% of your impression is formed within the first 60 seconds of interaction, by your visual appearance! More than 90% of your impression is made within the first 60 seconds, by your appearance and body language. 

Your appearance and behaviour speak volumes about who you are. What does your impression say? Personal image management and corporate image media is now highly planned and maximized by celebrities and large corporations.  What if you could know the Image Secrets and Truths to effectively maximize your personal impact and your first impressions? Knowing how to convey the right image authentically and comfortably to relate your message effectively, can dramatically boost your confidence, performance, potential and results – in all areas of life – jobs, prospects, career, work, social, personal and family life

Anita Poole, First Impressions, is a fully trained Image Consultant and member of The International Federation of Image Consultants / Federation of Image Professionals. From the stunningly beautiful Cotswold countryside, near Cheltenham and Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, Anita brings to Personal and Corporate Image Consultancy, a wealth of professional experience in Medicine, Textiles, Venture Capital, Holiday Cottages, Teaching, Video Communications, Network Marketing and Personal Image. And using her  global video communication & training tools, Anita can liaise with you anywhere in the World!

Anita Poole’s professional, objective Personal Image and Video expertise can make a huge difference to you and your organization’s global communications, development and success.  Anita Poole is first choice for your personal improvement plan and image expertise. Anita offers First Impressions Image expert guidance and advice to individuals, businesses and organizations. She can also arrange professional image skills training for people who wish to enter these fast growing, exciting fields of image and video consultancy.

Please find several very useful links with further information ~ whether you are looking for an expert image consultation or training for you or your organization ~ whether you are looking to become an image consultant yourself ~ or whether you are already an image consultant, wanting to improve your image skills with further image courses, materials and training.

Feel free to look around my Personal Image Blog, then contact me for assistance.

I look forward to hearing from you.    

        All the best                      Anita

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